Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: All-Star Edition

1. Paul Rabil’s around the world dime

I heard this pass was No. 2 on SportsCenter Top 10. I’m not sure what the No. 1 play was, but I’m assuming that Andrew Benintendi must have leapt 37 feet high to rob a home run in front of the Green Monster. Anything less than that is certainly not greater than this.

2. Puck drops

Some experimental faceoff rules were in play for the All-Star Game: In the second quarter, there were no faceoffs. Play restarted with the goalies like a baseline inbounds in basketball. In the third quarter, rather than place the ball on the ground prior to the whistle, the referees dropped the “puck” like hockey.

Greg Gurenlian and Trevor Baptiste – two faceoff athletes obviously impacted by the implications of a faceoff experiment – managed to have fun with it as they skated up to the puck drop to open the third quarter.

3. Jerry Ragonese’s rule proposals

Inside three minutes in each quarter, goalies play with short-sticks. In the first and third quarters, longpoles must be between 10- and 12-feet. In the second and fourth quarters, a second ball is introduced and players will add a head to replace their butt end. I’m as on board with all of these rule proposals as I am with eliminating the faceoff, which is to say that I am not at all on board with any of them. The photoshops are on point, though.

4. Blaze Riorden scores a pair of goals

Seeing Blaze Riorden score two goals was only surprising if you were surprised to see him playing with a short-stick in the first place. Box lacrosse fans know that Riorden is a forward for the Philadelphia Wings of the NLL. According to Ryan Conwell, Tom Schreiber is the only PLL All-Star who logged more minutes as an NLL forward last winter. Riorden is a talented offensive player -- perhaps the only goalie in the league who would benefit from Ragonese’s rule proposals. My only regret is that Riorden scored both goals in the faceoff-less second quarter, which meant we were deprived of any goal celebrations.

5. Chef Rambo showing off the vertical

Team Rambo couldn’t shoot around Jack Concannon (13 saves, 72.2% save percentage) in the second half, so Matt Rambo decided to shoot off Jack Concannon. He hit the red hot goalie in the chest with his best Air Gait impression, and although his foot may have landed before the ball crossed, there was no challenge, because this was an All-Star Game, not the CPA exam.

6. Kyle Hartzell playing defense without a stick

Without a stick, Hartzell got in an athletic stance and did his best impression of Uncle Chaps’s daughter’s defense. Hands up, knees bent, feet never stop.

7. Tucker Durkin tucking in his jersey

Is this a temporary tuck or a full-time tuck? When playing alongside Garrett Epple and Matt Landis, the jersey tuck is required. I hope it sticks. The full-tuck team has been recruiting one or two new members per week. Adding Durkin would be huge for the brand.

8. Ryder Garnsey robbed in the Freestyle Contest

Javale McGee did this in the NBA Dunk Contest and he got a perfect score. Ryder Garnsey did not get a perfect score – or even a score worthy of advancing to the final round. This doesn’t sit well with me, especially considering that Garnsey brought a prop (a doorframe-sized basketball net) for the finals but never had a chance to use it. Start counting down the days until the 2020 PLL All-Star Game when Garnsey reveals the most anticipated freestyle move of all-time.

9. Jarrod Neumann breaks his stick in the Fastest Shot Competition

Neumann’s final Mo Bamba-motivated shot won him the competition, but cost him a stick. As he followed through on his 115-mph laser, Neumann slammed his stick on the ground and shattered his head into a few pieces. I don’t blame the stick one bit.

10. Tim Troutner Jr. ate a shot en route to his Goalie Competition win

On the second shot of the round, Justin Guterding drilled Troutner square in the leg. Troutner was not phased by this. He popped up and continued to turn away shots from the league’s sharpest shooters. The fourth round pick out of High Point might be both the league’s best rookie and the league’s best goalie at the halfway point.

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