Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters on The Inside Feed By PLL | Jun 12, 2020 In the PLL’s inaugural season, Joe Walters, a 14-year veteran of the professional sport, became one of the many ferocious leaders of the Redwoods Lacrosse Club. The midfielder sat down with Emma Adams and I in the latest episode of […]
A seventh lacrosse club will add much-needed roster spots. Plenty of players will benefit, from guys who were healthy scratches to others who might need a change of scenery. Coaches named a ton of guys who they’d like to see get more playing time: Kevin Rice, James Pannell, Justin Turri, Jeremy Thompson, Dan Coates, Larken Kemp. Here are the five names that have popped up most often in my conversations since the expansion announcement.
Almost 365 days ago, we didn’t know that future PLL MVP and Championship hero Matt Rambo would quarterback the Whipsnakes. We didn’t know Andy Towers would helm the Chaos with a leadership style brimming with passion and intensity.
The 2020 draft class is deepest at attack. Midfield is a bigger position of need – Ryan Terefenko’s (Ohio State) stock could rise as high as the first round.
Lacrosse is a sport that showcases all skill sets. The game features speedsters, bulldozers, shooters, tacticians, and pure athletes. Those skill sets cross over to other sports, especially basketball. The inventor of basketball, James Naismith, gained inspiration from lacrosse when creating the new sport.
When All-Pro defenseman Jarrod Neumann told Ryan Boyle that he feels like he’s in range as soon as he steps within 20 yards,
Garrett Epple and Ray Lewis There might be better modern comparisons. Epple hawks passing lanes like Luke Kuechly. He either deflects or cleanly picks three or four passes per game. And when he slides, he slides with the body like another #52: Ray Lewis.
From an overtime win in the PLL’s first game all the way back on June 1 to demolishing the Atlas for the first overall draft pick, the Archers’ season had no shortage of memorable moments.
Welcome to the first-ever installment of what I hope will become an annual tradition: The All-Film Team. This is the most watchable team in lacrosse. These players have games that lacrosse junkies appreciate in ways that casual viewers or box score browsers might not. They move off-ball. They fight relentlessly for groundballs. They make the pass before the pass. You might not notice them when you watch the game live, but on a second viewing, they jump off the screen.
Atlas did not have the season they were hoping for, but the club’s best moments transcended the sport of lacrosse. Their season was filled with spectacular individual performances and unbelievable highlights. Here are the Top 10 moments of Atlas’s season.