Verified Newsletter: Coach Tierney (PLL Head of Competition & Hofstra University Head Coach) By Josh Barrow | Aug 31, 2022 Tweet Where does your lacrosse story begin? My lacrosse story started in 1969 when my first lacrosse stick was given to me by my uncle, Denver University coach Bill Tierney. I was a baseball player, […]
Verified Newsletter: Coach Copelan By Josh Barrow | Jul 30, 2021 Tweet Three Pieces of Advice For Coaching The Next Generation of Lacrosse Players 1).  FUNdamentals & Perspective: The best players in the world are not above doing wall ball. Your stickwork can never be “too good.” These PLL players also have a ton of […]
Verified Spotlight: Roseville Lacrosse Club By Josh Barrow | Jun 18, 2021 Tweet Roseville Lacrosse | On a Mission to Grow the Game from the Ground Up! When Colleen Busch shared that Roseville Lacrosse, 19 miles outside of Sacramento, CA, teaches the game to boys and girls from ages 8 through 16 years, she really […]
The Unimaginable: Lacrosse Training in Bentonville, Arkansas — home of Walmart By Allan Rabil Tweet An Interview with Coach McDaniel of Ozark Mountain Lacrosse  He was deployed three times to overseas duty after enlisting in the Army. That span of 8.5 years took him to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Germany. Yet, Coach David McDaniel of Verified […]
Learn Coach Stagnitta’s approach heading into Season #3.
Coaches Corner: Evaluating Players Ahead of the Draft with Coach Nat St Laurent By PLL | Apr 14, 2021 Tweet There is much more to our evaluation process than just being a great lacrosse player. We take several factors into account when creating our draft board. We need to be sure that the player we […]
Verified Spotlight: Firehawks Lacrosse Club By Josh Barrow | Apr 14, 2021 Tweet From ‘Fire Starters’ to Firehawks “Our mission is to invite new kids to learn about the game of lacrosse. Then, as you get better, you work your way up,” said Brian Silcott who shares responsibilities with his wife, Karen Silcott, as the […]
Coach Quirk dives into his philosophy around building the Cannons LC. He touches on building a championship culture, his team’s core values, and surrounding himself with the best ahead of the 2021 season.
Learn more about Verified organization Rise LC out of Pennsylvania!
Verified Newsletter – Spotlight Article By Josh Barrow | Feb 17, 2021 Tweet When and why did you start the Arizona Outlaws organization? Arizona Outlaws was initially started as a Box Program, led by former NLL Pro Ben Prepchuk. He opened up field lacrosse as a resource for more kids to play lacrosse. Coach Prepchuk […]