Jack Myers PLL Debut
Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi.

Film Study: What to Expect from Jack Myers in His PLL Debut With Whipsnakes

By Adam Lamberti

Jul 8, 2023

The Whipsnakes added Jack Myers from the player pool on Wednesday, and two days later he is on the game day roster for Sunday’s matchup against the Archers.

The former Ohio State attackman was drafted by the Chrome with the 20th pick of the 2023 PLL Draft, but released to the player pool to make room for the returning Brendan Nichtern.

Myers offers intrigue as an offensive threat for the Whipsnakes. Five players (Zed Williams, Matt Rambo, Will Manny, Tucker Dordevic, Mike Chanenchuk) have accounted for over 75% of Whipsnakes goals this season. 

It’s no secret the Whipsnakes have needed secondary offensive production for a while. All-Star midfielder Brad Smith is still out and sorely missed. Rookie Garrett Leadmon looks promising, but is still developing in the professional game. Keegan Khan and Jackson Reid have shown flashes here and there but lacked steady minutes and production. Sean Lulley didn’t work out.

Now the Whipsnakes will see what Myers, who was one of my favorite players in the draft, offers as an offensive threat.

Prototypical X Attackman

Watching tape on Myers, he checks all the boxes of an prototypical X attackman, which the Whipsnakes lack on the roster. 

Starting every game of his Buckeye career, Myers registered a balanced 121 goals and 115 assists during his tenure.

He attacks hard from X and utilizes his big frame and smooth stick work to get shots off with both hands. 

Myers’ scoring arsenal is deep. He can turn the corner right-handed.

He can turn the corner left-handed.

And he’s really good at setting up the question mark for his strong hand.

As mentioned before, Myers is also a really good passer. Whether you slide to him or not, Myers will find the open man if the defense is not organized.

While the Whipsnakes do lack a ‘true’ X attackman, Myers has also shown the ability to dodge from traditional midfielder spots, which is the most likely role for him in the Whipsnakes offense.

Myers is still capable coming out of box

Myers was a really good X attackman in college, but the perception that Myers can only play there just isn’t supported by the film.

A smooth player, he shows a willingness to dodge with both hands down the alleys and sweeping to the middle of the field.

Expectations for Myers on Sunday

Given the injury to Matt Rambo, I would like to see a heavy dose of Jack Myers running the show at X on Sunday.

Will Manny and Zed Williams do most of their damage on the left and right wings respectively, while Keegan Khan, the only other listed attackman on the game day roster, is more of a threat around the cage rather than an X attackman. 

However, at some point during the game (or all game), Myers will come through the box and play midfield. Most likely matched up with a short-stick, I actually have pretty high expectations for Myers dodging up top and potentially inverting.

I’m marking Myers down to have three points in his PLL debut in a close win over the Archers. A more reasonable expectation is that Myers will generate quality offense and make the right plays consistently, whether that results in three points or no points.

The biggest hope for Whipsnakes fans is that this game will make Myers a staple offensive player on the 19-man roster moving forward. Head Coach Jim Stagnitta and the Whipsnakes have looked for secondary offensive contributors outside of Rambo, Manny, Chanenchuk, Dordevic, and Williams for some time now, and I truly think Myers is a big piece of that puzzle.

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