Get to know one of the top players in the game! Discover the impressive skills and accomplishments of 2022 Players Top 50 #3 Trevor Baptiste. Stay ahead of the game and read now on
Discover the talent and skills of one of the best players in the sport. 2022 Players Top 50 #4 Jeff Teat is a player to watch in the Premier Lacrosse League. Learn about his impressive track record and what makes him stand out in the game. Read now on
2022 Players Top 50: #5 Michael Ehrhardt By Sarah Griffin Dec 15, 2022 The now four-time winner of the Brodie Merrill LSM of the Year Award, Michael Ehrhardt is the best in the world at his craft.  With a repertoire of skill, stamina, physicality, and size, few can outmatch and none can outmuscle Ehrhardt. His […]
2022 Players Top 50: #6 Josh Byrne By Joe Keegan | Dec 14, 2022 Tweet Josh Byrne continues to elevate his game each season – and each postseason. When it matters most, Byrne creates quality chances for himself and for teammates. He’s a matchup nightmare on the high lefty wing. He consistently finishes as one […]
2022 Players Top 50: #7 Zach Currier By Sarah Griffin Dec 14, 2022 To say someone is the “best in the world” at anything sounds like an exaggeration. However, in the case of Zach Currier, to call him the best two-way player in lacrosse is nothing but the truth. Waterdogs head coach Andy Copelan prides […]
2022 Players Top 50: #8 Blaze Riorden By Joe Keegan | Dec 14, 2022 Tweet Three-time Oren Lyons Goalie of the Year Award winner Blaze Riorden is the highest-ranked goalie on the 2022 Players Top 50. Riorden is a volume goaltender. He denied 13.7 saves per game and fundamentally changed the way Chaos LC plays […]
2022 Players Top 50: #9 Matt Rambo By Sarah Griffin Dec 14, 2022 The offensive catalyst for the Whipsnakes, Matt Rambo remains in the Top 10 for the fourth year in a row. Fearless and tough, physically there may not be a tougher attackman to contain. Rambo will do whatever it takes to win a […]
2022 Players Top 50: #10 Michael Sowers By Sarah Griffin Dec 14, 2022 In his first appearance in the Players Top 50, PLL Championship MVP Michael Sowers earned Top 10 honors at #10, deservedly so.  The dynamic dodging attackman known for his skill, athleticism, and speed left his mark in his first full professional season. […]
2022 Players Top 50: #11 Kieran McArdle By Sarah Griffin Dec 13, 2022 When I first spoke to Kieran McArdle this past August, the Waterdogs were preparing for the final weekend of the regular season in Seattle with sights set on playoffs the weekend after. With so much conversation surrounding McArdle all summer long as […]
2022 Players Top 50: #12 Danny Logan By Joe Keegan | Dec 13, 2022 Tweet Drafted in the second round of the 2021 College Draft out of Denver, Danny Logan has won back-to-back George Boiardi Hard Hat SSDM of the Year Awards to begin his pro career. Logan is so dominant that the Waterdogs’ plan […]