2022 Players Top 50: #7 Zach Currier

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 14, 2022

To say someone is the “best in the world” at anything sounds like an exaggeration. However, in the case of Zach Currier, to call him the best two-way player in lacrosse is nothing but the truth.

Waterdogs head coach Andy Copelan prides himself in the championship team he built from the ground up, putting a particular emphasis on a versatile midfield filled with guys who can play both sides of the ball well. Naturally, Copelan selected Currier as the first overall pick in the 2020 Entry Draft.

Now only two years later, we saw that aspiration come full circle led by the best two-way midfielder in the world. 

 Currier led the league in ground balls won by non-faceoff guys with 53. The next best? Craig Chick of the Atlas, with 38. His wing play is what every midfielder aspires to. If you get in a ground ball battle with this guy, it’s better to just cut your losses ahead of time. 

On the other side of the ball, Currier’s just as much of a problem when he pushes into transition towards the net as he is at the middle of the field.

“Zach Currier dissects a defense with elite vision,” remarked Paul Carcaterra. Whether it’s as a scorer or as a passer, Currier can slip by defenders with ease. Before you know it, the ground ball he picked up off the faceoff not even a minute ago is in the back of the net.

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