Archers used an explosive start to knock off Atlas and book a matchup with Chaos in the semifinals.
In a rematch of a heated group play game, Archers take on Atlas for a place in the semifinals.
Redwoods take down Atlas in a thriller on NBC.
Atlas and Redwoods renew their rivalry at 1PM ET on NBC.
Whipsnakes dominate Atlas to remain unbeaten at the PLL Championship Series.
What has propelled Atlas rookie Bryan Costabile to his hot start? PLL writer Josh Schafer breaks it down.
Whipsnakes and Atlas renew their rivalry at the PLL Championship Series.
Atlas defenseman Tucker Durkin has joined his teammates in Utah following recovery from COVID-19.
Archers take down Atlas 11-10 in a thriller under the lights.
Atlas look for their second win in two days as Archers top rookie Grant Ament prepares for his pro debut.