The 11-time All-Star and 4-time All-Pro retires third all-time in points (565), fourth in goals (289), and second in assists (267).
Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters on The Inside Feed By PLL | Jun 12, 2020 In the PLL’s inaugural season, Joe Walters, a 14-year veteran of the professional sport, became one of the many ferocious leaders of the Redwoods Lacrosse Club. The midfielder sat down with Emma Adams and I in the latest episode of […]
Joe Walters Popping to Space By Joe Keegan | Apr 20, 2020 Think of an offense as a jazz ensemble. The dodging brass draws the crowd’s attention; off-ball drummers keep the team on the same tempo. Rushing or dragging that tempo by even the slightest beat can prevent a shot and lead to a turnover. […]
The Top 10 Passers in the PLL By Jake Watts | Mar 27, 2020 The assist has long been the benchmark for ranking passers in lacrosse; a legacy stat that has its faults. The metric ignores the opportunities passers create that do not result in a goal. Shooters in the PLL missed 992 assisted shots […]