The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) announced this morning that the league will travel to the Minneapolis-St. Paul market during the upcoming 2020 season. Viking Lakes, home of the Minnesota Vikings and the recently-constructed TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN will host the PLL on July 11 and 12. This will be the league’s first time visiting the state of Minnesota.
Defense ruled the early stages of Saturday’s Redwoods and Archers matchup in the first quarter, with both teams raking up a total of three points. Archers’ Christian Cuccinello and Kevin Rice helped the team out with two in the first quarter. Redwoods’ standout Brent Adams scored the lone first quarter goal for the Redwoods and awakened the team from their slumber.
The Sunday game from the Nation’s Capital was an offensive explosion. Each member of Chrome and Chaos came out to play, and the goals were spread out amongst some of the PLL’s top stars. Although last weekend resulted in an OT Chaos win, the rematch today was stunningly different.
1. Whipsnakes rollbacks The Whipsnakes are loaded with two-handed midfielders who can get physical and roll to re-roll until they find their shot. Eventually, they will find their shot. It’s inevitable. Those unassisted shots down the alley or across the two-point arc are some of the least efficient on the field, though. The Atlas’ gambled on the Whipsnakes, well, whipping those shots wide.
A thunderstorm in the greater D.C. area saw the start of Saturday night’s Whipsnakes and Atlas matchup get pushed back by almost an hour. However, once the weather cleared up both teams were raring to go.