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The Origin of the Body Slam with Blaze Riorden

By PLL | Jun 23, 2020

In it's inaugural season, Chaos Lacrosse Club's Blaze Riorden led the PLL with a 55.8 save percentage and 153 saves, earning himself the Goalie of the Year award in a league filled with the best in the world in the cage.

In the latest episode of The Inside Feed, Riorden discusses why he believes Chaos fell flat in the playoffs after earning the best regular season record.

“Our game against the Redwoods last year in the playoffs, I found myself trying to do a little too much. I found myself implementing my game into spots where I don't think I really needed to and there’s a time and a place for everything and I learned that. I need to be that calming presence at the end of the day when chaos ensues on the field and I feel like I added on to that chaos.”

Head Coach of Chaos Lacrosse Club and Coach of the Year, Andy Towers, consulting him prior to drafting Dillon Ward in the Entry Draft.

"Coach Towers actually reached out to me and he said, ‘Look I’m going through the draft and I’m weighing out all of our options and Dillon Ward’s the best available guy to get and I don't want to make this decision without your approval.’ And I said it’s not my job to approve that. I said you’re the Coach of the Year, you’re the head coach. I said whatever decision you make, I will run with it and I proceeded to let him know what I knew about Dillon.”

And why Jarrod Neumann 100 percent deserved to win Defensive Player of the Year.

“He kind of changed the position a little bit. And you see kids on social media….guys want to be more versatile, and guys want to have stick skills now, and guys want to be able to shoot the ball. To revolutionize the position and be named the Defensive Player of the Year, that’s all him.”

And we couldn't have a interview with Riorden and not discuss the infamous Body Slam Blaze.

“For me to tell my teammates that I have their back, and for a confrontation to happen three yards in front of me and for me not to do anything, would not exemplify the fact that I have their say it wasn’t fun would be a lie.”

To hear more from Blaze Riorden, check out the latest episode here.

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