Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club’s Top Draft Targets

By Adam Lamberti

May 9, 2023

The 2023 PLL Draft is tonight on ESPNU at 7:00 p.m. Leading up to the draft, here are eight guys that I think have a good opportunity to become Whipsnakes tonight.

Round 1

Matt Campbell (Midfield - Villanova)

I’ve been banging the drum on Campbell to the Whipsnakes for a while. The Whipsnakes desperately need playmakers from the midfield, and it is not a particularly deep offensive class. Campbell can generate his own shot but also is a threat from the two-point arc. He feels like a great fit and will play right away.

Tucker Dordevic (Attack/Midfield - Georgetown)

I originally thought Dordevic would be unavailable at #6 overall, but there is increasing sentiment he might be. He would be an interesting selection for the Whips as he is a ball-dominant player, but perhaps that’s what the Whipsnakes have in mind. He would more than likely play midfield at the next level, like the Archers Matt Moore.

Round 2

Zach Cole (Faceoff - Saint Joseph’s)

Joe Nardella will most likely return this season, but for the short-term you need someone who can win faceoffs and push transition in Nardella’s absence. Even when Nardella returns, Cole has the opportunity to become a premiere faceoff talent in the league.

Petey LaSalla (Faceoff - Virginia)

All above comments on Cole apply to LaSalla. There is a limited number of faceoff talent in the draft, and it feels as though Coach Stagnitta might target one specifically in the second round.

Round 3

John Geppert (LSM - Maryland)

Geppert’s transition from offensive midfield to LSM in college give him one of the highest ceilings of any player in the draft. His offensive mindset is perfect for the PLL, the question is how will his defense translate?

Garrett Degnon (Midfield - Johns Hopkins)

One of my favorite players in this draft. Similar to Campbell, Degnon is a hard-shooting lefty who works well off the ball. If Coach Stagnitta doesn’t take Campbell in the first round, don’t be surprised for Degnon to become a target in later rounds.

Round 4

Kyle Long (Midfield - Maryland)

Coach Stagnitta builds his offense around versatile and selfless players. Long is just that; he’s spent some time at attack and midfield in college, playing wherever needed, and is dangerous as a passer and shooter. Oh, and he’s a Terp.

Brian Minicus (Attack/Midfield - Georgetown)

A lefty slasher, Minicus may not be available here, but he would be a nice compliment out of the midfield to Brad Smith and Mike Chanenchuk. 

Other Notable Names:

Wilson Stephenson (Defense - Duke)

Chet Comizio (SSDM - Villanova)

Piper Bond (SSDM - UPenn)

Garrett Leadmon (Midfield - Duke)

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