Can the Whipsnakes Repeat? With Kyle Bernlohr

Lisa and Emma discuss the first round of the 2020 College Draft (0:43-4:26) and the PLL’s partnership with Genius Sports Group to bring betting to the 2020 season (4:27-7:21). The girls are then joined by Whipsnakes goalie Kyle Bernlohr to discuss his initial reaction to the Championship Series (7:22-9:00), how his preparation and mindset changes with the tournament-style play (9:01-11:08) and how on paper the Archers are a super scary team (11:09-12:11). How the Whipsnakes are adjusting their offensive and defensive plans to fit the tournament-style (12:12-13:01) his perspective of Matt Rambo’s OT game-winner (13:02-14:52) and his goal to repeat (14:53- 16:01). Lisa, Emma and Kyle then discuss how the Whips’ loss in San Jose was a turning point for the team (16:02-17:10), how they’ll avoid getting into a slump during the Championship Series (17:11-18:15) and how he’ll mentally and physically recharge throughout (18:16-19:08). His pregame rituals (19:09-19:49), how he still gets nervous on gamedays (19:50-20:24) and how he got himself out of a rhythm mentally during the Championship game (20:25-21:35). Kyle discusses how he started as a goalie and when he knew he could make a run at going pro (21:36-23:20), which players he looked up to growing up (23:21- 24:05), what he wants to accomplish during the 2020 season (24:06-25:06) and who the funniest player in the Whips GroupMe is (25:07-26:55). Lisa then puts Emma’s knowledge to the test during a Whipsnakes defense specific “That’s Speed Boiii.” (27:22-29:47). Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz on Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow @kbernlohr35 on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!