2022 Players Top 50: #25 Jack Rowlett

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 8, 2022

Since his rookie season in 2019, Jack Rowlett's status as a top defender in the league only continues to grow.

His athleticism, defensive IQ, high-level of compete, and unique approach make him perhaps the toughest one-on-one matchup for the top attackmen.

"Jack does a great job of trying to disrupt the dodge, disrupt the dodger, and be the aggressor and make plays," Grant Ament told me earlier this summer.

Over-the-head checks, diving trail checks, takeaway checks, Rowlett does it all. He combines his physicality with pure speed.

While his aggressiveness is no doubt intimidating, maybe the scariest part of Rowlett's is he's only getting better with each season.

"As great of an on-ball defender as he has been, the last three years in the league what he’s really done an unbelievable job of as a team defender is generating turnovers as a slide guy in different ways than he has in the past where he was primarily generating turnovers as a cover guy," said head coach Andy Towers. 

Rowlett produced 7 caused turnovers in 2022 as well as a career-high 17 groundballs.

Oh, he also recorded his first professional goal as he buried one off the faceoff.

With the trajectory he's on, Rowlett's one of the most intriguing players in the game right now.

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