Entry Draft: Thursday on Twitter Spaces By Joe Keegan | Mar 23, 2021 Tweet When Thursday March 25th 7:30PM ET Where Live on Twitter Spaces, a social audio feature currently in beta testing All eight head coaches will join host Lisa Redmond and analyst Joe Keegan Draft Details 3 Rounds Cannons LC has 1st pick […]
Archers LC Entry Draft Needs By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 23, 2021 Offseason Additions A Connor Fields (via trade with Chaos LC) Offseason Losses D Curtis Corley (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), M Josh Currier (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), FO Brendan Fowler (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), M Ian MacKay (traded to Chaos LC), SSDM Tyler […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Graeme Hossack By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 23, 2021 2018 All-World defenseman Graeme Hossack is returning to field lacrosse. The Team Canada cover man and 3-time NLL Defensive Player of the Year is the top defender available in Thursday’s Entry Draft. He has the range and athleticism to take risks on […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Randy Staats By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 21, 2021 Randy Staats is widely regarded as one of the best pickers in pro lacrosse. He always seems to either (a) completely plow the on-ball defender or (b) escaped unscathed with a mismatch to attack. When he gets those mismatches, he backs them […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Liam Byrnes By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 21, 2021 Liam Byrnes is the best help defender in this Entry Draft class. Watch him play, and you’ll notice nothing but head swivels, finger points, and a foot in the paint at all times. The 2019 MLL Defensive Player of the Year can […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Ryan Lee By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 19, 2021 Ryan Lee is not your average off-ball scorer. Most camp out on the crease C-cutting and evading fills. Lee cannot be contained in one area. The RIT grad (by way of The Hill Academy) is always on the move. He runs around […]
10 Man Ride: Film Study on Entry Draft Prospects By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 18, 2021 CLEAR! The ride is on. We’re one week out from the Entry Draft – and closing the loop on the PLL-MLL merger. Over 240+ players are in the pool already. Let’s highlight 10 of them today (in no […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Max Adler By Kyle Devitte | Mar 18, 2021 Tweet When looking for a faceoff man that can match wits, hands, and clamps with the best in the world, Adler has to be in the discussion. Famously, or perhaps infamously, Adler balled out so hard in his first game in last year’s […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Sean Sconone By Kyle Devitte | Mar 18, 2021 Tweet Your favorite stay-at-home goalie’s favorite goalie, Sconone does so much more than fill up the net. Sconone gets the ball up and out just as well as any goalie in the PLL. His hand speed is actually staggering for such a large […]
Entry Draft Spotlight: Zach Goodrich By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 17, 2021 Lockdown short-stick defensive midfielders are rare. The best are like having a fifth pole on the field; anything below that is dodged dozens of times per game as opposing offenses aim to spin the defensive carousel. Zach Goodrich is that proverbial fifth […]