Sarah Griffin’s Fantasy Lineup for Seattle By Sarah Griffin | Aug 18, 2023 Tweet Attack Start: Ryder Garnsey, Redwoods  Ryder Garnsey is quite the hot commodity in fantasy, and rightfully so. At 39 coins this week, this might be the lowest price we’ll see from him all season and while it’s by no means a […]
Sarah Griffin’s Fantasy Lineup for the 2023 All-Star Game By Sarah Griffin | Jul 21, 2023 Tweet BUILD THE ULTIMATE LINEUP Calling all couch GMs. Set your lineup, compete with friends and win big weekly. Set Your Lineup Attack Ryder Garnsey (Veterans, Redwoods) Selecting a lineup for an All-Star Game might be one of the […]
How Ryder Garnsey Draws Inspiration from Notre Dame, Mikey Powell, and Youtube By Jerome Taylor Jul 6, 2023 YouTube’s effects on society range from great to grim. But, for Ryder Garnsey, it’s been a catalyst, kindling the spark in his imagination.  Before his highlights made him a regular on SportsCenter Top Ten, Garnsey was captivated […]
Redwoods Struggle to Recover From Early Deficit, Fall to 2-1 By Jerome Taylor Jun 19, 2023 Sometimes it’s just not your night.  That was the case for Redwoods LC on Saturday against the Whipsnakes. In an 18-11 loss, nothing was going their way.  “The blame all starts at the top with us (coaches),” Redwoods head […]
Ranking Ryder Garnsey’s Six Goals in the Season Opener By Jerome Taylor | Jun 4, 2023 Tweet One of the biggest storylines of training camp was how Redwoods LC’s offense would look with John Grant Jr. as the offensive coordinator. And the biggest beneficiary in the Redwoods’ 13-12 win over Atlas LC was the player […]
2020 All-Film Team By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Sep 15, 2020 Welcome to the second annual edition of the All-Film Team. A refresher if you missed the 2019 edition: These are players whose games you don’t fully appreciate until a second or third viewing of the game. They scrap. They set seals and cut hard. […]
Getting Ready for the Championship Series with Ryder Garnsey By PLL | Jul 15, 2020 We are just days away from heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Championship Series. There are so many things to pack and consider as we embrace on a three-week journey that lacrosse has never witnessed before. So in […]
Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters on The Inside Feed By PLL | Jun 12, 2020 In the PLL’s inaugural season, Joe Walters, a 14-year veteran of the professional sport, became one of the many ferocious leaders of the Redwoods Lacrosse Club. The midfielder sat down with Emma Adams and I in the latest episode of […]
Jake Watts re-selects the top six picks from the 2019 PLL Draft.
Lacrosse is a sport that showcases all skill sets. The game features speedsters, bulldozers, shooters, tacticians, and pure athletes. Those skill sets cross over to other sports, especially basketball. The inventor of basketball, James Naismith, gained inspiration from lacrosse when creating the new sport.