Training Camp Journal: Part II

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

May 30, 2021

Day 2 of training camp is in the books. Here’s the Day 1 journal in case you missed it. Tomorrow, these teams will see someone wearing a different color pinnie during the first scrimmages of the week.

Some thoughts from Sunday:


  • Brodie Merrill occupies so much space. He is omnipresent. During buildups, he caused a turnover on a 2-on-1. On the penalty kill, Brodie tallied a Glick, a pass deflection, and an interception on three straight reps.
  • Zach Goodrich and Sam Duggan are a nasty top SSDM pairing. Goodrich won almost every 1-on-1. Duggan intercepted a shot one on rep.
  • Chris Hogan and Tyson Bell competed hard as the second SSDM pairing. Hogan battled with Stephen Rehfuss and Bryce Wasserman on an island.
  • Offensively, head coach Sean Quirk was happy about the ball movement. The ball didn’t die in anyone’s stick.
  • It’s great to see Deemer Class back on the field. Class was hitting skips to the pipes from top center on the powerplay, and shooting the ball well (as usual).
  • Rehfuss might be the steal of the draft. He shot well during positional drills and was dealing passes during live reps.


  • Everyone took reps dodging from all angles during 1-on-1s. Rob Pannell, Matt Kavanagh, and Ryder Garnsey spent time “outverted.” The midfielders spent time behind the cage.
  • Jules Heningburg will be a problem out of the box. You need to pole him; otherwise he’ll jog behind to play big-littles with Pannell.
  • Every goal Ryan Lee scores is a highlight. And he scores a lot of goals.
  • Jack Kelly made the save of training camp (so far) against a groundball that squirted to the doorstep leaving him as the last line of defense against a few fakes.
  • Eddy Glazener’s playlists are the best I’ve heard. Atlas played a Two Friends mix; no other standout music choices.


  • Jordan Wolf, Justin Guterding, and Randy Staats appears to be the most set-in-stone attack line in the league.
  • Speaking of Staats, every shot he takes has some shoulder deception. His leaners are unreadable. They cannot be read.
  • This group has been light; they’ll get reinforcements in the form of rookies, Duke assistant coach Ned Crotty, and RIT assistant coach Donny Moss soon.


  • Watching this offense try to solve this defense is fascinating. One way the offense wins: By throwing spot feeds to Jay Carlson on the inside, leading him away from the help. His catch radius knows no limits.


  • Graeme Hossack is as advertised; maybe the biggest pickup of a busy offseason.
  • Archers repped a lot of faceoffs with wings. A double-pole FO unit featuring Hossack and Scott Ratliff would be dangerous.
  • This team practices to be perfect. They don’t waste a rep. Dominique Alexander’s commentary is the only comic relief. Everything else is all business.
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