Players Top 50: #35 Will Manny

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 7, 2021

Pop time is defined in baseball as the time between the “POP!” of a pitch hitting the catcher’s glove and the “POP!” of that catcher’s throw reaching second base to catch a would-be base stealer. It’s been repurposed in basketball to measure the time between a spot-up shooter’s catch and his release -- important in preventing close outs.

Saving pop time is even more valuable in lacrosse, when you have a defender closing out and a goalie resetting his feet. Velocity is overvalued in lacrosse. It’s more important to shoot quickly than it is to shoot hard.

Will Manny shot 41.3% (19-for-46) on catch-n-shoot chances last summer (league average: 32.7%). His cumulative pop time on those 46 shots might have been under a minute. The shot clock hits :01 before the ball is in Manny’s stick here. C’mon.

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