Players Top 50: #39 Sergio Perkovic

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 7, 2021

Since the 2019 postseason, Sergio Perkovic has shot 13-for-27 (48.1%) from 2-point range. That’s 0.96 points per shot.

Prior to this summer, most of those 2-point attempts came in transition or on the powerplay. The Redwoods created more settled 2-point attempts for Perkovic this year -- with Rob Pannell quarterbacking the offense from below GLE.

Perkovic reprised his role as a two-way midfielder in Minnesota when Kevin Unterstein left the game early due to injury. He can take faceoff wings -- especially when TD Ierlan is winning everything to himself. Between the 15-yard arc and the 100-yard field, the PLL rules are tailored to Perkovic’s game.

Stay tuned as the Players Top 50 rolls out throughout December:

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