Players Top 50: #29 Marcus Holman

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 8, 2021

As a team, the Archers shot a league-high 37.5% off the catch. When they’re at their best, the ball is pinging around the perimeter with one cradle or less until it reaches a shooter. And the shooter at the end of the rainbow is often Marcus Holman.

Holman is a sniper by every measure. He has buried 36.2% of his catch-n-shoot chances since 2016. His shots are rarely saved (opposing goalies saved 46.9% of his shots in ‘21) and almost never saved cleanly (26.6% of those saves were clean). He hit a league-high six (6!) pipes and produced 10 shot clock resets (2nd only to Lyle Thompson).

Missed shots in lacrosse are not all equal. There are popcorn saves that are outletted for transition in the opposite direction. There are harmlessly wide shots backed up by the X attackman. And there are rebound-producing misses that lead to Kobe assists or :52 resets. Though his misses are few and far between, Holman creates more rebound and reset opportunities than most shooters. His combination of pop time, placement, and velocity gives goalies nightmares.

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