Players Top 50: #16 Rob Pannell

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 13, 2021

In his first year with the Redwoods, Rob Pannell looked re-energized. He was dodging to the island for his signature question mark dodge -- shooting 26.5% off the dodge (up from 17.2% with Atlas in 2020). He was feeding into higher percentage areas; his Woods teammates finished 38.3% of his assist opportunities, up from 29.0% in 2020.

Head coach Nat St. Laurent’s offense combined new pieces (Pannell, Charlie Bertrand) and players at new positions (Jules Heningburg) to field the league’s most efficient six-on-six offense. At their best -- with TD Ierlan at the stripe -- this team can play make-it-take-it lacrosse. Pannell brought a calming consistency to this offense from behind the cage.

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