Players Top 50: #15 Jack Rowlett

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 14, 2021

Jack Rowlett set the tone for a physical, man-to-man Chaos LC defense.

Alongside Johnny Surdick and Jarrod Neumann down low, Rowlett dominated his individual matchups. Chaos dared opponents to beat them one-on-one -- putting short-sticks on off-ball attackmen and holding slides. Opponents shot 13.6% off the dodge against Chaos LC after the All-Star break.

Rowlett and company were encouraged to throw takeaway checks. They applied pressure early in possessions, and maintained a high level of intensity for 52 seconds. From shiftier assignments like Grant Ament to giants like Zed Williams, Rowlett was able to lock down every type of attackman.

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