Players Top 50: #3 Lyle Thompson

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 17, 2021

In his first PLL season Lyle Thompson led a top-3 Cannons LC offense that scored on 33.1% of its settled possessions. Only the Redwoods (34.9%) and Archers (34.5%) converted on more of their 6-on-6 touches.

Lyle’s ability to create quality shots for himself and for teammates lifted the offense into that elite tier. Lyle shot 33.9% unassisted at a high volume (league average unassisted shooting percentage was 24.9% in 2021). He kicked off the season with a Deyhaus Dunk at Gillette – his version of Kareem’s sky hook or RP3’s question mark.

Lyle took over in a must-win game against Archers LC in Minnesota, dropping five goals and four assists against 2021 Dave Pietramala Defender of the Year Graeme Hossack.

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